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Haven't drawn in a while!

Hey everyone!

How have you all been? I haven't really updated/drawn anything in a while. It wasn't really because I was busy. It was more of... I was lazy.

Yesterday, I took out my good old sketch pad and started drawing again. I've been watching a lot of sci-fi/fantasy stuff lately, so witches have been on my mind a lot. Needless to say, I sketched out a cute witch character.

If I can't think of something to draw, I usually like to draw witches.

Today, I finished it up digitally. One of my friends told me it reminds him of Vivi from FF9. I told him that's funny because I don't even know who that is. He then laughed a bit and said a female version of it!

Well, here is the finished drawing, & I hope you guys like it! :)

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1 Comment

Quinn Miller
Quinn Miller
Apr 28, 2021

This is adorable! Love it.

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