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Created 2 more emotes for my Twitch

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully 2021 is much much better than 2020.

I know I haven't posted or drew anything in a while. I made these 2 emotes back in November 2020, about 3 days after my birthday. They were drawn quickly on purpose. I just wanted some light-hearted, not too detailed emotes.

The first one I drew was chibi me holding a gun since I do play a lot of FPS (shooter) games.

The next one I drew was chibi me doing the "Loser" sign.

They are both light & quirky. Not to much detail and was very quickly drawn. I like them a lot.

Here are the two together without the quick sketches.

If you'd like to catch me on Twitch sometimes, you can give me a follow at I'm usually playing some kind of game.

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