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Have you watched the anime, Frieren?

Well, my friend, Richard, got me into watching it. My husband actually watched it first, but he didn't say anything to me about it. One day, Richard told me he wanted to watch Frieren, but he spelled it really weird. I also never heard of the anime before, so I told him, "I have no idea what you are trying to say! Google thinks I'm spelling "Friend" wrong, lol."

Then, he goes and looks up the correct way to spell it. I went to search for it, and went, "Ohhh! My husband watches this. He watched all of the episodes already!"

So, because Richard & my husband both watched it, I was like... Well... I'm going to watch it too then.

I'm glad I did because Frieren is a GREAT anime!

Down below is my sketch of Frieren using paper & pen. If you don't remember, I prefer sketching with paper & pen/pencil over sketching digitally. Then, I like to finish up digitally.

Frieren sketch

And here is my finished Frieren!

Instead of using my XP-Pen Drawing Tablet (which I've always disliked since the day I got it years ago), I used my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6+ instead.

Frieren finished digital art

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