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Cherry Blossom Kitsune

My friend actually inspired me to draw this cherry blossom kitsune! I've always loved kitsunes, and I rewatched a kdrama about a gumiho (the word for kitsune but in Korean). And I've been deciding if I wanted to crochet a kitsune. But after my friend showed me her kitsune that she got from a gatcha machine, that was it. I just needed and wanted to draw a kitsune.

I love all things pink, cherry blossoms, & hearts, so I combined them into this kitsune of mine.

Here is my sketch that drew with just a regular pen and paper.

cherry blossom kitsune sketch

After I was done with the sketch, I headed straight over to my drawing tablet & finished it up in Clip Studio Paint. Here is the finished drawing.

cherry blossom kitsune

Super cute, right? It's super pink, just the way I like it. I'm thinking about free-handing my drawing into a kitsune amigurumi. Check back in a few days, weeks, etc, to see if I was able to free-hand one myself!

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