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Tinkerbell Amigurumi

Tinkerbell has been my favorite fairy of all time since I was little. She was also one of my first amigurumi pieces when I started to crochet again!

Pattern by Green Frog Crochet

I mentioned my Tinkerbell amigurumi piece back when I posted Rem & Ram. I stated before that it was going to be one of my next pieces that was on the list to be uploaded!

Remember when I told you guys that Rem & Ram was my very first piece that I made with fabric glue instead of sewing everything together? & how it was miserable because the fabric glue that I got was just really bad?

Well, Tinkerbell was made using the hot glue gun that my husband got me. Boy, was I in love after using the gun for the very first time on Tinkerbell. My husband laughed at me when I was like, "Wow!! We should have got me one a long time ago! It works like magic!"

Well, I wasn't exaggerating because I really did love the hot glue gun and still do!


I retook the pictures of Tinkerbell as well because the first pictures I took of her weren't that great. I'm thinking about making Peter Pan to go with Tinkerbell, but I'm not quite sure if I will yet. I have so many other projects that I want to work on.

Here's another of Tinkerbell in a slightly different angle.


Well, Hope you all liked this Tinkerbell amigurumi of mine! She currently sits on top of the fireplace with a few of her friends.

See you all next time!

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