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Depresso Amigurumi

Ever since Palworld came out, I've been addicted to it. Good thing I had already made my dragon for Lunar New Year back in January, otherwise, I wouldn't have that done in time for Lunar New Year. I had planned to make a few cute themed things for Valentine's Day as well, but... you know, Palworld had my time taken up. It doesn't matter anyways because I'm still going to make them eventually because a holiday doesn't dictate what I can make or not make.

Depresso is one of the starting Pals that you can catch. Lots of people meme'd Depresso as we can relate to it.

Here's my version of Depresso!


Fun fact: I actually trained myself to hold the yarn differently during this project. So my tension was actually all over the place while trying to find a way to hold the yarn in another way that still felt natural to me. I had to do this because the way I was holding the yarn before was always causing my hand & mostly index finger to be seriously strained.

It was driving me crazy because I was going so slow, but my hands will thank me for it in the future. I'm just glad the project didn't come out looking horrible since I was learning a new technique and had awful tension for perhaps 1/4 of the project. Once I became used to the new way of holding the yarn, it became easier & faster.

Here's another picture of Depresso from the side.

depresso side

& here's a picture of Depresso from it's back.

depresso back

Hope you all enjoyed my Depresso Amigurumi!

Depresso's "purple" is actually a lot darker than my purple. This was the only purple I had at the moment, so I used it.

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