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Heart Gnomes Amigurumi

As you all may already know, I love gnomes! That's why I decided to make these super cute heart gnomes amigurumi. They are super cute, and I can't get over them!

The base pattern that I used is by Toys Master, but I modified the pattern in some parts to make it to my liking. Basically, I made the beard and the girl gnome's hair differently than the original pattern.

heart gnomes together, front view

Isn't it super cute?! I love them so much! They actually reside on top of my fireplace now. I moved my Snorlax and Jigglypuff to a different location so I can see these two all the time.

girl gnome on side

I think my favorite is the girl gnome though. Only because she's cuter to me with all the little hearts.

guy gnome on side

The guy gnome is cute too, but the girl gnome is better, lol.

I finished these up yesterday but got too lazy to post them, so here they are now!

I hope you all liked these heart gnomes amigurumi! See you next time.

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