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I made an accomplishment on Twitch!

Hey everyone!

As most of you know, I started streaming on Twitch 2 weeks ago. As of last night, August 13, 2020, I made affiliate! I was super happy! If you didn't know yet, I also have a passion for playing games. I play about anything but my favorite genre is probably simulation. Games like Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, City Skylines, Sims franchise, Animal Crossing, etc are my favorites.

In the event of my accomplishment on Twitch, I also made an emote for my channel!

The sketch:

(Be wary, the sketch looks scary! lol)

And the finished emote!

Originally I wanted to make my emote have pink hair because I LOVE pink, but I didn't do it. Instead, I made her look more like me instead and just gave her pink glasses + a pink shirt.

In case you wanted to know what my Twitch is, you can follow me at

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