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Wilby Amigurumi from Starfield

Any Starfield gamers here?

Wilby is an adorable little creature in Starfield, and I just had to make it! I free-handed it based on Wilby's appearance in the game.

I actually made Wilby for my husband because he has being playing it non-stop. I've been addicted to Baulder's Gate 3 and crocheting, so I haven't really played too much yet.

Below is a screenshot of Wilby from the game!

Wilby's appearance in the game

I'm really happy with how this Wilby Amigurumi from Starfield came out!

I used these two shades of blue since they were they two shades I have at the moment.

I believe Wilby has 2 more alternative colors, but I chose to make the blue one.

Wilby front

Wilby front

Wilby back

Fun fact: Wilby's eyes were not the first set of eyes I made him. The first set, I decided not to use it because I didn't like how it was sticking out so much. So, I made these eyes instead.

I also didn't care for a "seamless color change" because Wilby's original design wasn't perfect either.

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