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South Park Amigurumi

I've always been a fan of South Park since I was little. It was mostly due to my older brothers watching it, and because they were watching, I wanted to too. It definitely wasn't a show for kids to watch, but we were able to get past a lot of things back then due to having immigrant parents who didn't speak English.

I freehanded my South Park Amigurumi based on their character design. It was pretty easy to do as they are really just basic shapes.

My husband also likes South Park, so he was amused as I was making these.

South Park all together

Here's all of the boys lined up together. Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny.

Kenny died again

...and they killed Kenny again!

Here's another picture of the South Park boys.

south park by window

I really like how they came out!

kenny died again

...Kenny stop dying!

I haven't watched the newer seasons of South Park, but my husband told me that they stopped killing Kenny in every episode, lol.

Well, I hope you liked my South Park amigurumi!

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