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Rick & Morty Amigurumi

Any Rick & Morty fans? I just finished this Rick & Morty Amigurumi project yesterday. It worked up pretty quick since they're mini size!

Pattern by #crocheteando.ami

My husband and I both enjoy this show, so I made Rick & Morty with him in mind. I was so excited to show him after I was done.

Rick & Morty

Rick & Morty standing in front of fireplace

Rick & Morty standing on wood

One of my friends told me that Rick is hilariously cute, & that she loves it as well. I'm thinking about also making Pickle Rick since sometimes I randomly yell, "Pickle Rick!" to my husband. & when I say random, it's pretty random because we don't like pickles & don't have any pickles in our house. So, I just randomly blurt it out just because it crossed my mind.

If my friend's kid asks me to make a Rick & Morty for him, I might actually say yes to him. I've been saying no lately because the projects I've worked on weren't quick projects. But this one only took me a few hours to finish both of them.

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