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Pink Kitsune Amigurumi

Remember my cherry blossom kitsune drawing that I made a few days ago? Well, I crocheted my own kitsune! I made some minor differences in the amigurumi from what I drew. That's also why I didn't call this post "cherry blossom kitsune amigurumi," but instead I called it "pink kitsune amigurumi."

Here's a picture of my drawing below to refresh your memory.

cherry blossom kitsune illustration

Some differences that I made were:

  • The eyes. I ran out of felt sheets and really did not want to crochet the eyes, so I made the eyes more simple.

  • I gave it a heart on the forehead instead of a cherry blossom. The head was pretty small, so I thought a heart would look cuter for the amigurumi.

  • I didn't give it hearts on the tails because it didn't look as cute as it does in the drawing. So, I left the tail plain with no hearts.

pink kitsune front

pink kitsune right side

pink kitsune left side

I think it's super cute! I'm really happy with my outcome.

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