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Mr. Boo Amigurumi

It is officially October and officially spooky season! I made this Mr. Boo Amigurumi months ago. I was just waiting until it hit October to share it.

Pattern by MONSTRODOM.

It was fun making this monster because it was my FIRST monster creation ever. Before Mr. Boo, I was just making all the cute & girly stuff. When I was finished making Mr. Boo, I showed my husband, and he was like, "WTF??? Cool." Lmao, I got him off guard because he wasn't expecting to see a monster like this since I literally was just making the cute girly stuff before this.

Mr Boo

I used these jewel buttons for his eyes because I liked how it looked. You can also wiggle them, so it makes the eyes look a little more creepy.

mr. boo sitting in chair

Here's Mr. Boo sitting on my Secret Lab chair in my office.

You'll be seeing a few more creations for spooky season coming soon! Stay tuned! Hope you liked my Mr. Boo Amigurumi!

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