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Little Elf Amigurumi

I finished making this little elf amigurumi a couple days ago. I got a bit lazy to post it, so here it is now!

Pattern by Dani Diro.

little elf

I love how cute it turned out to be! When I was working on it, my husband asked me what am I making. I told him I'm making an elf. Then, he was like, "Ah yes. 'Tis the season soon."

Then I told him that I wasn't making that kind of elf, just a cute elf. But now that the amigurumi is done, it kind of looks like a Christmas Elf, lol. The colors I used compared to the pattern designer is a lot brighter in contrast. So, just the color itself made a difference.

But regardless, I still love it since it turned out really cute!

elf without hat

The hat is removable. The shorts and shoes are also removable. I think it looks cuter with the hat on though.

elf by fire place

I actually ended up gluing the hat to the doll because it kept falling off, and I just wanted it to stay put. I also didn't make it as big as the pattern because I felt it was unnecessary to have it that big while making the hat. I omitted probably around 10 rows because I didn't want to make the hat anymore, lol.

Hope you liked this little elf amigurumi of mine!


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