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Jigglypuff & Pink Snorlax Amigurumi

Jigglypuff is my all-time favorite Pokemon from the original. I always loved her since she's super cute, and she can put people to sleep. I've been wanting to make a Snorlax for a while as well. I decided to make one in pink because why not? Pink's my favorite color, and I didn't have the shade of blue that Snorlax is. If I'm gonna make Snorlax it needs to be the real colors or pink. So, pink Snorlax it is!

Both patterns by loopycathrine.

Look at these two. So cute! & Snorlax keeps sleeping everywhere. zZZZZzzzz.

Snorlax sleeping. Jigglypuff on top of Snorlax

Look at Jigglypuff being playful while Snorlax is sleeping.

Playful jigglypuff. Sleeping snorlax

I had fun making Jigglypuff. The finished amigurumi came out at a good size which made her adorable. I did mess up on her feet, but whatever. It isn't truly handmade without mistakes, right? Lol.


Snorlax here just keeps sleeping everywhere. I think he likes my house since he's comfortable enough. Maybe one day we'll see him awake.

Snorlax was simple to make but also annoying. He had so many slip stitches in his arm, and I hate it when it's SS after SS. But after all that painful work, he came out to be quite nice. And, I love him!


Hope you liked my Jigglypuff & Pink Snorlax amigurumi as much as I enjoyed making them! My husband told me after I finished, "You're going to run out of space to place them around the house." I told him, "I'm already out of space!" It's not going to stop me from having more friends, lol.

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