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Mojo Jojo Amigurumi

Remember my Powerpuff Girls amigurumi and how I mentioned that I plan on making a Mojo Jojo as well? Well, I finished it last night! It didn't take me as long as I thought to freehand it, and the finished result is to my liking as well.

mojo jojo

There are definately some things I would change if I made another one. Overall, I still like how it came out. I didn't give him a nose on purpose because it just always looked like he had a mustache instead, lol.

mojo jojo back

As I was making it, I kept thinking if I made the helmet too big. One of my friends told me that her favorite part is the helmet, and that it looks really good!

mojo jojo side

mojo defeated

And of course, I had to include him being defeated by the Powerpuff Girls since they eventually did in that one episode.

My Mojo Jojo amigurumi ended up being about the same size as the girls. He's just a bit taller (which I intended it be) since his helmet is big. I really tried to make it look like his original design to the best that I could.

Hope you enjoyed my Mojo Jojo!

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