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Grumpy Morning Cat Amigurumi

Sometimes we just feel like this grumpy cat in the morning. I know there are times where I do! I just love this cat, and my husband had a laugh out of it. He really likes this cat especially the finger part.

Pattern by studio.wow_toys

grumpy cat

This project was made by using Premier Yarns. I've heard great things about them and wanted to try them! My husband bought me a bunch of yarn from them for an early birthday present since I told him I really wanted to try them. Definitely one of my favorite brands now. I told my husband that I'm buying from them from now on.

There were some colors I got where I was kind of disappointed because it turned out to be another color instead of the one I saw on-screen. It can't be helped as colors vary from screen to screen. But, now I know what those colors truly are and won't order them again unless I actually need it.

Anywho, let's get back to the grumpy morning cat amigurumi!

Here's another picture of him from the front but with a slight different angle.

morning cat slightly different angle

I just can't get over how cute it is! One of my friend really loves him too. She told me she squealed a bit when I sent her the photos of him. She especially loves his little slippers and sleeping mask! They are completely removable!

cat with slippers and mask off

Just soooo cute!

Btw, this post isn't sponsored by Premier Yarns. That's just how much I love them after trying them out.

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