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Frankenstein Amigurumi

Spooky season really has me making these cute monsters. Here is a cute Frankenstein Amigurumi that I finished. His eyes were custom-painted by me. You can't see the glitter, but you can see the light blue in the picture.

Frankie here was fun to make. He didn't need to be perfect for me since he's basically supposed to be made of different body parts anyways.

Pattern by Cottontail and Whiskers.

frankenstein outside

I just love this little guy. I should have used pink for his eyes though because I feel like the red is a bit much. But overall, it still turned out great IMO!

Stay tuned for 1 more spooky themed amigurumi. After that one, I want to go back to my cute girly amigurumi, lol.

Here's one more picture of Frankie.


Hope you liked this Frankenstein Amigurumi of mine!

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