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Demon Slayer Amigurumi

Demon Slayer was one of the first amigurumi that I made when I started crochet back up. I made Nezuko first because she is my absolute favorite. Then, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, & Inosuke. They didn't take that long for me personally. Each one took about a day for me to finish. So I finished them all in 4 days. I have a few friends who I know took them longer to do. It also took me longer to do it because I sewed everything on instead of gluing everything. The hair was what took the longest just by sewing.

Pattern by Medaami.

It was really nice to see them all together once I was finished.

Demon Slayers all together

As I stated above, Nezuko was the 1st one I made. She was supposed to have embroidered eyeliner, but I left that out because it was too hard for me to do at the time. If I had read the pattern ahead, I would have embroidered the eyeliner before I stuffed & closed the head off.

Nezuko front

Nezuko back

Next, was Tanjiro. When I made his scar on his forehead, I was always wondering why it didn't look like the pattern. But now, I know why. I didn't do color changes the "right" way, so it made the colors go off by 1 stitch. It still looks good to me though, but I understand the mistakes I made in the past.

tanjiro front

tanjiro back

Zenitsu was probably one of my favorites to make because he was so simple. He's the most simple out of the 4. I didn't put the decorations on his coat because at the time, I did not have any white felt. But, I still like how he ended up even without it.

zenitsu front

zenitsu back

Inosuke was fun to make because of his boar hat. When I was making Inosuke, my husband thought he was going to look the weirdest out of the 4 because of his boar head. I didn't tell him that he's actually going to look adorable so that he could be surprised.

inosuke front

inosuke back

The hair for all 4 drove me nuts because it took the longest to do. Plus, I sewed everything so it took even longer, lol. During this project, I didn't know how to stagger my increases & decreases, so I followed the pattern exactly. But now, I stagger them so they don't show up anymore. I also do invisible decreases correctly now. During these four, I thought I was doing invisible decreases, but I was not.

I also asked Medaami if they will be releasing more DS patterns in the future, and they told me that they are! So, I'm super excited about that because I really want to make Mitsuri Kanroji with the same style as the four I already made.

I hope you liked my demon slayer amigurumi as much as I enjoyed making them!

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