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Crocheted Tooth Fairy!

Hey everyone!

It's been a looooong time since I've posted anything new. The reason why is that I lost the motivation to draw for a while now. For a few months now (since June) I've gotten back into crocheting! I'm not entirely sure why I stopped in the first place. I used to crochet back in high school. But, now that I've gotten back into it, I have been SOOO addicted to it.

I used a pattern for this project. This tooth fairy pattern is by #knotanotheryarn.

I am so in love with this fairy. It turned out just super cute. This is my most recent project that I finished yesterday. I will be posting more projects that I make in the future, and I will also be posting the projects that I've made since June!

Here are the pictures of the crocheted tooth fairy that I made.

Crocheted tooth fairy

Crocheted tooth fairy

Crocheted tooth fairy

Super cute, right?! The side-kick tooth fairy & the wand are supposed to be removable pieces. However, I wanted them to just stay with the doll so I don't accidentally lose them. I ended up hot-gluing the tooth & the wand with the doll.

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