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Crochet Bralette Crop Top

This was one of my favorite tops to make. It was really easy, and it's super cute!

This pattern is by #brunaticality.

I actually made this top two times. The first time, I made a looooot of mistakes with it. I was doing some weird things with my tension. One side was longer than the other, and the other side shrunk. Actually, the side that was longer was the "right" one because I had already had practice with the first side. In the original pattern, the top is pretty short for my liking. So, I made it a little longer. What I didn't know was it was going to be longer because of the increases that were added to it. So, my top was longer than I wanted it to be, lol. Because the two sides were not the same length, & I didn't want to start over... I "fixed" my mistake by putting a hidden pocket on the inside of the top. It turned out pretty cute and decent for my first try. See the pictures below!

1st top, front side

1st top, hidden pocket

Mistakes and all, I still love it as it was one of the first tops I made. I was so excited that I actually made my own top and everything.

Because I made a lot of mistakes with this first one, I wanted to make another one when I was more experienced. It came out so much better since I knew all of my mistakes. I also knew how to actually make it longer without it getting longer than I wanted it. My tension also got way better than when I first started. Here is my updated top!

2nd top, front side

2nd top, back side

It is so much better, and it's the length that I wanted. I actually wear it a lot. I never took an updated picture, but I also added breast pads to the updated top. I honestly would make this top again in a different color just because of how cute I think it is. I made this updated top last month in July. I don't remember when I made the very first one, but it has to be June since that's when I started crochet back up. There's no hidden pocket for this updated top.

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