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Chucky Amigurumi

I've been wanting to make a Chucky doll for a while now. Now that season 3 of Chucky is out, I figured it was the best time to do it. Chucky is one of the horror series that I've watched since I was a kid. It also scared me to death when I saw a life-sized Chucky doll in the mall. My brothers laughed at me like crazy, but hey, I was only like 5-7 years old. I don't remember exactly how old I was, but I was around 5-7 years old for sure.

I free-handed this Chucky Amigurumi doll of mine.

Chucky standing on couch

It was fun making his little overalls. I got lazy with the little rainbow patch that he has at the bottom of the pants, so I decided to just make it all blue instead.

I told my husband that he can take this doll (and/or the other Halloween-themed dolls) into his office for the rest of the month if he wanted to.

chucky standing

chucky back

I love this little guy so much! My friend told me that his eyes look so creepy, and that made me really happy. I was hoping he'd look creepy and not cute.

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