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Zombie Amigurumi

What's Halloween without some brain-eating zombies?!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, this is my last creation for Halloween 2023! I had to make this Zombie Amigurumi since he fits in with Frankenstein.

Pattern by Cottontail and Whiskers.

I just love this zombie, and he had a lot of work go into it. I didn't color his eyes red like I did with Frankenstein. Instead, I made it pink, and it looks a lot better then a bright red. Same with Frankenstein, I painted the safety eyes myself.

zombie front

His back coloring didn't go exactly as planned. I didn't have a darker shade green, but it still looks good to me.

zombie back

Honestly, my favorite part of the zombie is that he's holding his heart. It's disgusting, but at the same time, it's cute because it's a toy.

zombie side

Well, that's all for me for Halloween. Now, I can get back to making the super girly stuff, lol.

Hope you enjoyed this Zombie Amigurumi of mine!

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