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Potions #nerdlife

The nerd in me just had to make these! I'm a gamer, and I just love these potions. The original pattern didn't have a mana potion, but I just used the health potion & changed the colors to blue. I also made the little wax seal with the mana icon. Pattern was made by #furifuri.amigurumi.

Here is the health & mana potion

health potion

mana potion

My favorite is the poison potion! It looks amazing.

poison potion

I didn't do it like the pattern though. The scull was supposed to be cross-stitched on. I did try it, then I gave up. Then, I just drew it on the potion instead lol. That was much easier, and I didn't want to pull my hair out.

potions all together, front side

potions all together, showing the labels

I had a lot of fun making these potions #nerdlife. When I was finished, I threw the poison potion onto my husband & told him to pretend he's dead. Then, I threw the health potion at him to heal him, & the mana potion to restore his mana.

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