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Pikachu & Sylveon Amigurumi

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Any Pokemon fans?

I made this Pikachu & Sylveon Amigurumi back in June (3 months ago!).

They are both free patterns by 1upcrochet.

I made Sylveon first because she is my favorite Eevee evolution. Can you guess why? It's because she's pink and adorable! I made the Pikachu for my husband since I asked him what his favorite Pokemon was. He said he doesn't know but maybe Pikachu? Then, I told him that I'll make him a Pikachu.

I crocheted they eyes because I didn't have any felt or glue back then.

Pikachu & Sylveon

Here are some more pictures of Sylveon! There are things that I've improved on (since this was made 3 months ago). Staggering my increases/decreases & not having quite big holes like these. But overall, she's still adorable to me.

Sylveon front

Sylveon side

Sylveon side 2

Sylveon back

Here's some more pictures of Pikachu. His eyes look silly since I apparently sewed them on not in the same position, lol. But, I still love him. & my husband loves it, so that's all that matters. My friend's son actually asked me to make him one too, but I declined. I told him I didn't want to make another Pikachu since this one took up quite a bit of yellow yarn, and I wanted the rest of the yarn for other projects.

Pikachu front

Pikachu back

Hope you all liked my Pikachu & Sylveon amigurumi as much as I do! Mistakes and all makes it handmade with love ♥

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