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One Piece Amigurumi

Any One Piece fans out there?

After watching the live-action when it came out, it made both me and my husband rewatch the anime. After rewatching the anime, I then knew I wanted to make amigurumi off of the characters! It took a while since I was always working on other projects and/or reading books, or playing video games, but I finally made them!

I just finished the last One Piece amigurumi last night, which was Nico Robin. I was too lazy to take pictures and whatnot, so I decided to do all of that today plus post them online.

one piece all together

I love them so much!! I took a while with each piece because I wanted them to be as detailed as possible. As you can see with Usopp, I pretty much have all of the details of his outfit EXCEPT for his sunglasses that goes around his neck. I decided to not put that on because it made it look like he was wearing a bra instead of sunglasses, lol.

And with Zoro, I made his three swords and hand drew all of the details on it.

With Sanji, I decided to not give him his little beard because I thought he looked way cuter without it. Way way cuter. I also didn't include the cigarette that he always has with him because I was just not going to make something that tiny. No way. Well, I did do it, then I was like, no way. Nuh uh. Not doing this anymore. If I made my dolls bigger then perhaps it wouldn't have been so annoying since I could have made the cigarette bigger.

I don't like my amigurumi plain, so I always put as much detail to it as I possibly can.

In case you're not familiar with One Piece at all, from Left to Right starting with the top row:

Luffy (Loofee), Chopper, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Nami, and Nico Robin.

Originally, I wanted to put Sanji and Nami together for the picture, but I wanted Zoro and Usopp on the sides so all of their details can be shown in the group picture. I did take pictures of each piece individually, but I decided to not post them because then it would just be way too many pictures. I did show friends the pictures though.

Here's another group picture of the amigurumi without the blanket as a backdrop.

group picture wood background

I honestly couldn't decide which picture I wanted to use for all of my social media and blog cover picture, but I eventually decided to use the blanket backdrop. But of course, if you actually read my blog posts, then you get to see every picture I upload.

I hope you liked my One Piece amigurumi! See you next time! ♥

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