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My Melody Amigurumi

My Melody from Sanrio is my all-time favorite. This is why I made a My Melody amigurumi! for myself! I figured I should make something using the rest of soft pink yarn since it was almost gone. I was thinking to myself what should I make that's pink? Then, I was like... I should make My Melody since I've been planning to make one anyhow.

I decided to put her on top of the fireplace to take a cute picture. Yes, our Christmas lights are out, but that's because my husband and I use those as our "night light" for the middle of the night when we need to get some water or something.

My Melody

I love how she turned out! There were some mistakes that happened, but it isn't handmade if there are no mistakes, right?!

Here are some more pictures of My Melody.

My Melody

My Melody back

My Melody

I hope you liked this My Melody amigurumi as much as me!

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