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Mew Amigurumi

I've been wanting to make this Mew amigurumi for a while now, and I finally did it. Mew is one of my favorites from the Pokemon series.

Pattern by 1upcrochet.

I really enjoyed making this one. I think I probably say that about all my projects, lol. Making the tail was my least favorite though. Only because it was so skinny. I don't think I've met anyone who actually enjoys making the skinny stuff though. The Master Ball was also fun to make. The Pikachu I made for my husband also carries a Pokeball.

Mew front

Mew back

Even though I really hated making the tail, I love how it came out. I definitely made some mistakes in it. I accidentally increased in the middle of it, and I did it again near the finish lol. I didn't frog it though because it's just the tail. If it was something like the head or body, I definitely would have fixed that

&here is a picture of Mew from the side.

Mew side

Now, Mew sits on top of the fireplace with a few dolls, Snorlax, & Jigglypuff.

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