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Gamer Couple

My anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up within the next week, and I thought I'd surprise him with a drawing created just for him. We are both gamers, so I made this quick drawing of us in gaming headsets.

When I was drawing the sketch, my friend Paul was watching me stream it on Discord. It was really funny because I was barely starting to draw this, and he yelled out of nowhere, "the eyes look weird!" And then, we started laughing. I told him that it was because I copied and pasted the first eye I drew, so I didn't have to draw it again. It still looked weird, so I ended up redrawing it anyhow.

Here is the sketch:

I basically drew this sketch right after I was done with the Ariel inspiration drawing. (I just posted that one yesterday in case you haven't saw it yet).

Then as I was finishing it up today, my friends Quinn and Tony were watching me on Discord for a bit before my tablet started acting up. Also, Tony left to play a game with another friend. Anywho, here is the finished drawing.

I honestly hope my boyfriend likes it even though I made it girly looking. 😂

Edit: After I uploaded this new illustration on all my social media, I realized that I made a big fail. I put 02.07.18 when it should have been 2019 😂😂😂

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