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Elf Gnome

Are you a gnome lover like I am? I love gnomes! I currently have 3 gnomes for our Christmas tree (not handmade). Purchased two of the pink gnome ornaments from Walmart on a whim just because I saw them. We have a bigger gnome that sits on top of the tree.

Well, since I love gnomes so much, I always knew I was going to make one! This time, I made a Christmas gnome disguised as an Elf! Aka, my elf gnome!

gnome with full hat showing

This was my first time making the double loop stitch. I used that technique for the beard! I like it much better than just crocheting as normal because just look at the texture it gives! It was really weird in the beginning since I wasn't used to it, but then it was super easy once I got the hang of it.

gnome back

Here's the back of the gnome.

gnome with hat folded back

& one last picture of this guy. I love him! I plan to make more gnomes in the future. I showed one of my friends before posting my gnome, and she was amazed, & told me it looks professional!

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